Book of the Month – November 2019

At the beginning of each month, we spotlight a staff-favorite book that meets our objective of thoughtfully sharing stories to help our audience experience their world in a smarter, healthier, and happier way.

November’s Book of the Month is:

Loyalty To Your Soul

What is it?

“Loyalty to Your Soul establishes Spiritual Psychology as a paradigm-altering frontier. It initiates a radical shift at the core of contemporary psychological thought by unveiling a technology for using everyday life experiences as rungs on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

This book is uniquely suited for anyone seeking to discover and cross the bridge that spans the waters between life referenced in material reality and life lived within the context of spiritual reality.

Loyalty to Your Soul shows you how to first gain access to, and then gradually learn to live from, that sacred place inherent within everyone, referred to by the authors as the Authentic Self—a place where emotional suffering ceases and profound peace and love are present.

While many people have written about such an inner state, Ron and Mary Hulnick show you how to travel there . . . and what to anticipate once you arrive. The radical technology they introduce empowers readers to transform challenging or negative human experiences into direct experiences of the Soul.” description

As you grow into the realization of yourself as a spiritual being residing in eternity, you find your entire sense of personal history receding into the background. As you become more aware of who you are, your attachment to your past, and identification with it, becomes less and less.

H. Ronald Hulnick

What are our thoughts?

“This was a lovely read regarding spiritual psychology. The overall messaging is in line with other spiritual writers and speakers, however the approach is slightly different. This difference is what made me like the book. Basically, instead of just telling readers how they should approach life, the authors take a bit more care than others do in providing exercises and questions that can help you evolve spiritually. While I don’t agree with everything stated, I do believe that the core principles are worth reading and thinking about. Definitely recommend for those curious or interested in spirituality.”

GoodReads review by The Motley Experience founder and editor, Aristidis Marousas.

Why should you read it?

There are many spiritual books out there today. They all basically say the same things about love, forgiveness, acceptance, and mindfulness. What we found with Loyalty To Your Soul was that there was more time invested by the authors to provide exercises to help rewire your thought patterns to enable you to perceive yourself and the world differently.

As is the case anytime we recommend a book on self-help / spirituality, take everything with a grain of salt. You do not have to believe or buy into everything that is being said. Instead, use this as an opportunity to chew on some food for thought. You might be surprised at how inner pathways might be opened to new perspectives and experiences.

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