This site began several years ago as a “spin off” blog of a radio program by the same name that I hosted for Rutgers Radio WRSU FM  New Brunswick.

The ME, at that time, served as an outlet for me to discuss current events, books, etc.


Towards the end of my college career, I drifted away from blogging. I focused instead on finishing my senior year and finding a job for after I graduated.

About a year into my job as an analyst for a multinational beauty corporation, I realized I missed having a creative outlet.

I then rebooted The Motley Experience with a slightly different approach to how I wanted to tackle blogging. In fact, I wanted to go a step further than “blogging”.


Welcome to The Motley Experience, a startup media outlet.


The Facebook and Twitter pages for this site (links below) will be sharing/retweeting breaking news and other interesting posts from reliable news organizations and sites.

In other words, liking and following The ME will give you visibility to curated posts from around the web, making us the “one-stop-shop” for news and more.

The actual site will provide all original content, including op-ed pieces and analysis on current events, short stories, short films and short documentaries.

The short films and documentaries will be carried out by an offshoot production group, ATM Productions (links below).



I created ME Productions (formerly known as ATM Productions) so that I could further explore my interests in acting and filmmaking.

My vision for The Motley Experience is to create a space where visitors can be both educated and entertained, providing a variety (or “motley”) of experiences.

In short, I want The ME to help you “Experience Your World”.


I hope you enjoy the content we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact The ME for any questions or comments. See below for more info on how to contact us!

Thank you.

-Aris Marousas

Experience Your World.



Feel free to like us on Facebook (The Motley Experience) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@MotleyXperience).

For ATM Productions, you may also like on Facebook (ME Productions) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@TheMEProds). You can also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Also feel free to comment on articles and share them as well.

For any questions, comments, or concerns related to The Motley Experience, please email me at: amarousas@themotleyexperience.com




One comment

  • Nice summary Ari, and thanks for bringing me on as an author. While I am not coming in with expectations, my hope is that this place can turn into an open and safe community where both active posters and the occasional participant can share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge both broad and specialized

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