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The Impact of Disney’s Purchase of Fox

The purchase of Fox assets by Disney marks the first time in history that a major Hollywood studio bought out another. The world of film and film distribution is beginning to change even more quickly to counteract the huge impact streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have had.

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3 Ways to Keep Up with Pro Wrestling’s Boom

It is undeniable at this point that professional wrestling is encountering major growth across all spectrums. This article will help explain some of it and point you in the right direction for how to keep up with all the great content that is being produced.

A recent article with Crave Online had pro wrestling superstar Cody Rhodes giving his explanation on the rise of pro wrestling. In it, he describes that it is mostly for 2 reasons: (1) the high level of talent seen throughout the world (most notable US, UK, and Japan), as well as (2) the greater accessibility to professional wrestling content made available by the internet. “It’s not difficult to find what you want. If you don’t like WWE, you can turn on New Japan World. If you like WWE, you have the WWE Network. If you want to watch ROH, you watch the PPV. It’s all there.”



WhatCulture has a great article that explains the 10 signs of why professional wrestling is entering a new golden age. We won’t provide the full list here, but it includes the ascent of NJPW, the resurgence of women’s wrestling, increased athletic standards overall, and the abundance of successful alternatives to WWE programming. Similarly to the point Cody Rhodes was making in the article mentioned earlier, there are so many options right now that it is easy to find, watch, and enjoy different types of professional wrestling.


Now we know that there are plenty of options for professional wrestling. What are the top 3 ways to keep up with it all?

1. WWE Network — WWE is still the standard bearer for professional wrestling. Anywhere you go in the world, people will know about Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or John Cena. The WWE Network provides countless hours of PPVs, old episodes, and newer original content; all for $9.99.

2. Monthly subscriptions to NJPW World/ROH/Progress — Each of these promotions provides a slightly different take on professional wrestling. The emphasis is more on in ring action and storytelling than the (sometimes off-putting) over the top entertainment that the WWE provides. If you want a wrestling fix, this is the way to go.

3. Netflix and other networks — Netflix not offers Lucha Underground, a fun alternative to all the above. The athletics displayed are impressive and gymnastics-like (thanks to the lucha style developed in Mexico) and the presentation and stories produced are different from other wrestling products on the market. Other networks include the Fite App and IRW which showcase smaller, independent companies.

The above 3 points are the main entry points to enjoying the booming market of professional wrestling.


I am a fan of professional wrestling as well as an independent professional wrestler, going by the name Andros “The Greek”. I want to use my perspective from both sides of the guardrail to provide fans the most useful and entertaining content possible. I hope you’ll join me on my journey through the independent scene, as well in enjoying the great wrestling that is out there today.

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Short Story: My Dear Sister

Chapter 1

“So, yeah…” I finish saying to Alex. He keeps reminding me to call him by his first name. I suppose he helps to make me perceive this as being more of a casual setting.

“I see,” he replies. Then pauses. Oh boy, here it comes. “I think we should see each other more frequently. Perhaps twice a week instead of once a week. How would you feel about that?”

“Sure, that sounds ok to me,” I answer. Do I really have another choice? Patient confidentiality aside, I know he will tell my parents that he thinks I need more sessions.

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Republicans: Stop Allowing GOP Leadership Decide Your Ideology

This is my appeal to Republican voters. There are many issues that have become partisan over the years that simply put, should not be.

Below I have highlighted only two issues: Climate Change and Gun Control.

Both are very divisive.

My argument below is to highlight how, despite evidence to support making policy changes to minimize climate change while increasing gun control, Republicans have made it a part of the GOP ideology to oppose or deny both topics.

This is not an attack against Republicans, or conservatives. It is a request that citizens not allow their party of choice to define their individual ideologies.

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Short Story: Three Years Later

I didn’t think it was her at first.

The bar was busy, but it was at that time when people started to leave to either head home or find some late night food.

She was standing with two other female friends, finishing off their mixed drinks.

My buddy elbowed me asking me if I was ok. Apparently I had been looking off into the distance for some time. I was, in a way. It felt like I was looking at my distant past. It had been three years since I had last seen this girl, now a woman.

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Discussion: One Reason Why Trump Winning the Election Was a Good Thing

President Trump has been in office for over 100 days. Since he has passed that milestone (which many decry as a horrible way to measure the progress of a new administration), the barrage of criticism has only grown.

Much of the negative press is based off of the blunders, leaks, and shady dealings that have become an almost constant dark cloud hovering over the Trump administration.

This article is not going to discuss the bias prevalent in many news channels, whether for or against President Trump. Neither will I discuss the divisive nature of the campaign, election win, and time in power thus far.

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Discussion: Are You Living?

Are you living?

I ask you, dear reader, this question that I have begun to ask myself lately.

I do not mean it to be dramatic nor hyperbolic. Instead, I am curious as to what everyone’s honest answer is, including and especially my own.

At first, this may seem like an easy question to answer. Yes, of course we are all living. By virtue of opening this article on our device(s) and reading it, I prove that I am alive. “I think, therefore I am”.

Of course I mean to ask more than are we all alive. By living, I mean to ask are we actively present and experiencing our environment on a daily, hourly, or minute-by-minute basis.

This may be where the question becomes a tad bit more complicated than you first thought. Or maybe you are in a similar state of mind as I am and knew exactly what I meant when I asked you the question.

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