Why Trump’s Election Win is a Good Thing

President Trump has been in office for over 100 days. Since he has passed that milestone (which many decry as a horrible way to measure the progress of a new administration), the barrage of criticism has only grown.

Much of the negative press is based off of the blunders, leaks, and shady dealings that have become an almost constant dark cloud hovering over the Trump administration.

This article is not going to discuss the bias prevalent in many news channels, whether for or against President Trump. Neither will I discuss the divisive nature of the campaign, election win, and time in power thus far.

Instead, we focus on the one positive note that cannot be disputed regardless of one’s political affiliation or personal views.

The fact is, the election of Trump to the presidency of the United States of America proves one thing: the democratic mechanisms in this country do work.

The United States has widely been viewed as the land of freedom for generations. It was the belief in representation for citizens that gave birth to the United States in the first place.

Donald Trump being elected to the office of President of the United States, by way of a majority of votes from the Electoral College, proves that the system put into place by the founding fathers of this nation do work as intended.

There were not many who believed he could win; that a non political entity who’s claim to fame was his wealth, obnoxious attitude, and a reality show.

Candidate Trump struck a chord with a large number of the population, and played that chord like a well trained musician.

Whether meaning to or not, candidate Trump visited and catered to areas of the country that felt abandoned and left behind, energizing those voters in favor of his election.


When no one else believed in him, not even the party he was running for, Trump and his team believed. To the surprise and disbelief of much of the nation, and even the world, candidate Trump became President Trump.

Trump played the system. Much like he admits to doing with regards to his businesses, he took advantage of how the election system worked.


President Trump’s election victory has made people question party loyalty, as well as the benefits of the Electoral College (the majority of the nation voted for Hillary Clinton). It has also put more of a spotlight on a group of citizens who feel that they are being left behind.

These are all good things to re-examine and question, as a country and its government need to be ever-evolving to best represent the people.

You may agree or disagree with his politics and personality. You may be a staunch supporter that borderlines fanatic that claims all accusations against him are false and “fake news”. You may despise what he and his administration represent and the poor conduct seen thus far.

What you may not do, however, is ignore the evidence that American democracy works.

It is certainly something to be proud of, even if you feel we cannot be proud of its results.

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