Republicans: Stop Allowing GOP Leadership Decide Your Ideology

This is my appeal to Republican voters. There are many issues that have become partisan over the years that simply put, should not be.

Below I have highlighted only two issues: Climate Change and Gun Control.

Both are very divisive.

My argument below is to highlight how, despite evidence to support making policy changes to minimize climate change while increasing gun control, Republicans have made it a part of the GOP ideology to oppose or deny both topics.

This is not an attack against Republicans, or conservatives. It is a request that citizens not allow their party of choice to define their individual ideologies.

Climate Change

At this point, it should be undeniable given both the research done and actual weather we have been experiencing that human driven pollution is exacerbating natural fluctuations in the earth’s environment.

However, for a variety of reasons, mostly financial, the Republican Party leadership is, and has been, sticking to the ideology that climate change is a fallacy.

Climate change is an example of an issue that should not be partisan, but has become a divisive factor. If you “believe”, you must be liberal. To be a true member of the GOP you must deny it.

Globally, scientists have found evidence that current human energy consumption is exacerbating shifts in weather patterns. Basically, bad storms become devastating storms.

Despite the irrefutable evidence, Republicans state that these claims are false. President Trump has gone so far as to put a denier of climate change in charge of the EPA.

Even if you do not believe that humans are affecting climate change (once again, despite the evidence), how can you deny that emitting toxic emissions is good for anyone?

Yet, when president Obama set some initiatives to help lower environmental pollutants, it became a partisan issue.

Clean air and water became a partisan issue.

In addition, the GOP have gone out of their way to protect the oil and coal industries. This ignores the fact that both are on the decline. It also ignores that they both are top polluters.

There is an argument to be made about the number of jobs that will be lost with requiring oil and coal producing companies to restrict emissions. The coal industry, specifically, is becoming obsolete regardless. We should be encouraging workers to learn skills outside of those related to working with coal, as opposed to allowing them to set themselves up for future unemployment.

Nearly all of the conflicts coming from the GOP can be traced back to where the funding for politicians’ campaigns originate.

It has gone on for so long, that it has become one of the cornerstones of Republican party ideology.

A healthy and clean environment is in the interest of all people, not just Democrats. Yet, we continuously see attempts by Republican politicians to curb or kill policies that promote the renewable energy industry, cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner water.

Gun Control

Gun control is another issue that, if we were to follow logic and data, should be a partisan issue.

Instead, in part because of the power and influence of the NRA, Republican leadership have made it part of the foundation of the party that if you love America, you should love guns. Any attempt of limiting sales of weapons or accessories is viewed as an attempt of liberals to destroy the second amendment, take away all the guns, and leave the people vulnerable to the oppressive government.

Keep in mind, that our current government was mostly voted in by the same people advocating the above arguments, or some form of them.

This stance by the GOP completely ignores the stats and facts seen globally. The US is the only developed country with the kind of deaths linked to gun violence we have witnessed over the last few decades. The major difference between the US and UK/Australia/Germany/etc is the status quo of laws surrounding gun control.

It seems it is left to Democrats to attempt to curb the sale of different types of guns and gun accessories, as well as impose stricter, and more universal, background checks in acquiring licenses.

The GOP instead like to change the narrative, insisting it is people, not guns, that kill people.

While no one is disputing this, the argument is one of ignorance.

How would limiting access of certain types of guns to certain types of people hurt anyone?

The Republicans like to push the narrative that it is a mental health issue. At the same time, they are trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and have made no attempts to promote mental health.

At the end of the day, why can’t we just try? Gun owners will not lose their guns. In fact, most people will not see much of a difference. There is no reason for Republicans to take a stance against this.


We, as a people, need to be smarter and more self reliant on how we form our ideologies. We should drive party platforms.

I have certainly focused on the issues with the Republican party in this article. Democrats have a similar issue where, in certain circles, if you are not liberal enough, you are seen as a hindrance to society. This is also wrong.

The Republicans, however, are in control of the government. They are ignoring facts and figures. The political leadership is certainly liable, however it is the voters who elected them.

In both parties, we need citizens to begin to think critically on high stake issues. Do not live in a bubble of similarly minded people. Do some research for yourself. Make your own decisions based on provable truths, not “feelings”.

Let us allow Democrats and Republicans to have healthy debates over how to solve issues instead of dividing the country over whether issues are “right” or “left”.

We have been witnessing the steady decline of political commentary and debate over the past few decades, polarizing our country.

Let us remember the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall”.

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  1. Hey !

    Long time didn’t hear

    A good article

    We can’t even agree on a basic health care system

    People like Pelosy are deeply responsible they will dye but don’t give up power

    Polarizing the nation

    Do not care for the people or the truth just themselves

    The government shouldn’t reside on coal or solar the markets should

    China is leading and we become followers more and more

    We have them our know how we can’t stop our greed

    In the meantime we are mad with the Russians !

    Best ________________________________

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