Newsworthy – Mar 15th, 2019

The consequences of breeding chickens to grow rapidly, minimalist phones are growing in popularity, FAA grounding Boeing’s 737 MAX fleet, the U.S. Navy is under cyber-siege, and rural American law enforcement unwilling to enforce new gun control measures.

These are just a few of the top newsworthy items from this past week as first shared on our Facebook page.

  • Chicken companies spent decades breeding birds to grow rapidly and develop large breast muscles. Now the industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to deal with the consequences ranging from squishy fillets known as “spaghetti meat,” because they pull apart easily, to leathery ones known as “woody breast.”

    From The Wall Street Journal
  • Smartphone-fatigued consumers are renegotiating their relationships with their devices. A growing contingent is embracing a new crop of minimalist phones, priced around $300 to $350, to wean themselves off premium models that keep them constantly connected.

    From The Wall Street Journal

  • Johnson & Johnson was the “kingpin” that fueled America’s opioid crisis, serving as a top supplier, seller and lobbyist, according to the Oklahoma official leading the legal fight against the companies that helped create the crisis.

    From Axios
  • President Trump said the Federal Aviation Administration would ground Boeing’s fleet of 737 MAX airliners in a major safety setback for the plane maker after two deadly crashes in less than five months. The order will remain in effect pending further investigation.

    From The Wall Street Journal
  • The U.S. Navy and its industry partners are “under cyber siege” by Chinese hackers and others who have stolen tranches of national-security secrets in recent years, according to an internal Navy review that hasn’t been publicly released.

    The assessment depicts a branch of the armed forces under relentless cyberattack by foreign adversaries who exploit critical weaknesses that threaten the U.S.’s standing as the world’s top military power.

    From The Wall Street Journal

  • The Trump administration told Berlin it would limit intelligence sharing if Germany allows Huawei to build its next-generation mobile-internet infrastructure. European security agencies have relied heavily on U.S. intelligence in the fight against terrorism.

    From The Wall Street Journal
  • In swaths of rural America, county sheriffs, prosecutors and other local officials are saying they won’t enforce new gun-control measures.

    From The Wall Street Journal
  • Israel struck numerous targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the first rockets launched from the Hamas-controlled territory toward Tel Aviv since the 2014 war.

    From The Wall Street Journal

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