Don’t Stand for a “Flawed Democracy”

It hasn’t even been a full week under President Trump and the US has been downgraded from a full to a “flawed democracy”.

I wasn’t happy with the election results, but I decided to give Trump a chance and see whether he and a GOP led Congress can make some positive change.

It is very sad to say that the hope I held is already almost fully diminished.

Why implement a gag order on the EPA? How does that help the country?

Why spew “alternative facts” and have representatives of the White House refuse to answer questions on their behavior?

Mexico is not going to pay for that wall and continuing to say they will not only insults all those of Mexican heritage living in the US, but also insults an entire neighboring ally country.

Insults were hurled against Clinton for possibly having financial ties with companies and countries that might lead to conflicts of interest, meanwhile a great number of those appointed to the executive branch, including Trump himself, have a spider web of business and financial connections to a host of companies and countries.

Trump supporters, you may want a conservative leaning government, but surely you can see that what’s going on in just the first few days is hurting the country.

I beg you not to be blinded or allow yourself to be swept up by the personality of Trump. Hold him accountable to make this country better. Don’t allow him to degrade our democracy.

Don’t be hypocrites.

Please, put tribalism and partisan politics aside and look at what is going on with as much of an unbiased approach as possible.

I am not even saying Trump should not be President.

Instead, I am asking that all of us, the entire nation, put pressure on Trump and Congress to continue to promote the values we adore most about our country:

We love freedom of the press and other forms of free speech.

We love our national parks, clean land, and clean water.

We love having upward mobility due to the vast opportunities this country offers.

We love our troops.

We love the right to protest.

We love being able to love whoever we want to love.

We love having a choice of what happens to our bodies.

We love the United States of America.

Do not let any administration, or any Congress, tarnish what we love.

As always, please feel free to leave your comments and opinions on the matter. All that I ask is that comments are respectful and pertinent to the topic being presented in Discussion.

This was originally posted on my Medium page 

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