After a very long campaign season, we find ourselves with less than 48 hours between the posting of this article and election day.

I believe I speak for many more than just myself when I say that I feel absolutely exhausted.

This election cycle has been unprecedented for many reasons. Foremost of these reasons being the low class of dialogue generated on a national level.

While not attempting to be biased, it is evident that it has been the Republican candidate for President of the Unites States, Donald Trump, who has been the root cause of the types of conversations we have been witnessing for several months.

Despite Trump’s knack for low brow comments and general demeanor, not even he is truly at fault.

In order for Trump to have succeeded as far as he has thus far, he required a base that would support him.

How is it that so many Americans can support a candidate so clearly unfit for office that even members of the GOP have denounced him?

It is because the US government has failed the American people.

Citizens who have been left behind by globalization and modernization are desperate to receive the attention and representation they have been lacking. Donald Trump has capitalized on this throughout his campaign.

This explains why Trump supporters find it difficult to provide concrete policies of his campaign as reasons for their support. Instead, they lash out at Hillary Clinton.

Even supporters of Hillary Clinton are finding it difficult to continually have to defend her as a candidate. The constant scrutiny of her past and current dealings, as well as her lack of charisma, besmirch someone who would normally be an excellent candidate, at least on paper.

So where does this leave us, citizens of the United States of America?

The obvious answer, for now, is to make sure we vote with the best interest of this country in mind on Tuesday November 8th. Not just for President, but for down ballot candidates, as well.

Our situation is not ideal, but our best option is to ensure that we have a Congress that will not shut down the government, or block actual progressive measures.

The long term solution is to encourage politicians to create policies with long term positive impact, instead of just short term.

The path to a better future is not impossible, it is instead going to be difficult.

Our most powerful tools are our voices and our votes.

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