Short Film: Limbo

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? The days blend into each other and feel repetitive. Your life feels almost… lifeless.

This is what the main character of ME Productions’ latest film project, “Limbo”, experiences but amplified.

The nameless man wakes up in an empty office; a world devoid of color and sound. Over the course of the next few “days” his panic turns into a defeated resignation. He seems doomed for the rest of his existence to reside in this purgatory.

Then, everything changes. He wakes up to find he is joined in this world by the sudden appearance of a pen. There’s a catch; the pen doesn’t seem to be able to write. He doesn’t care, though, as he finally has some company and affectionately names the pen, Penny.

The situation becomes less dreary and his fortunes appear to be on the rise. But will it last?

Watch “Limbo” below:

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