The Danger in an Election Recount

Jill Stein In BostonGreen Party candidate Jill Stein has requested that Wisconsin recount votes from this past presidential election. The request has been approved by the Wisconsin election board.

The Clinton campaign has stated that they will join in on the recount in Wisconsin, as well as any other states recounts will take place in.

Clinton and her campaign have stated that they have not seen adequate evidence to suggest voter fraud, however they will participate so that they have legal representation within states that hold a recount.

The claims of voter fraud were brought up by computer scientists and election lawyers in an article for New York magazine on November 22nd.

undefinedPresident-Elect Donald Trump and his campaign/staff have spoken against the recount, citing the backlash he received over his comments concerning whether or not he would accept the election results.

Jill Stein has been in the process of raising $7 million to cover expenses and legal fees for the recount. Trump has accused Jill Stein of using the voter recount as a pretense to raise $7 million for the Green Party.

Besides Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan are also under scrutiny for potential voter fraud/manipulation.

Trump beat Clinton in Pennsylvania by 70,010 votes, in Michigan by 10,704 votes and in Wisconsin by 27,257 votes.

Due to these margins, experts believe it to be highly unlikely that a recount will give all three states to Clinton, which would be needed for the overall election results to change.

This might be for the best, as the country is already divided. If the results from election day on these three states turn out to have been false, the entire election would then be at serious risk.

If Hillary Clinton were to somehow come out the recipient of the electoral votes from these three states, she would then have to overcome the tidal wave of criticism, skepticism, and conspiracy theories that would surely follow.

Hillary Clinton Makes A Statement After Loss In Presidential ElectionA Clinton administration with a Republican Congress would have been difficult enough for national politics. A Clinton administration with a Republican Congress after a voter recount in three states would create an insurmountable obstacle and fuel the fears and concerns of all those who voted for Trump.

The markets have settled and people are getting used to, for better or for worse, the idea of a Trump administration. It is worrisome what would happen should the voter recount uncover any serious misconduct in the election results.


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