Yichen’s Introductory Post – The First of Many

I’m Yichen, one of the first official authors/contributors on the Motley Experience, and a friend of Ari, the creator of this blog

If a person’s background and experiences are what defines them, then know that I was born in Beijing, immigrated to the states when I was 3, lived in 4 different states (including my current home state of New Jersey), graduated in 2014 with a Economics major and Math minor from Rutgers University, and I currently work as a data analyst, analyzing the performance of online marketing for clients from one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. For those who follow the Myers Briggs Personality profiles, I am an INFP

While my education and upbringing allows me to see the world through an analytical lens, I am equally a daydreamer with interests stemming across a broad array of topics

This is my first time being a blogger in any capacity. My previous writing experiences have consisted of:

  • Being a a student  who excels at writing papers on topics that interest me, and failing on topics that don’t (or the AZN equivalent of failing – anything below a B+.. and these are the loose standards too lol)
  • Life as an active forum poster who has written well received, in-depth articles on video games and NBA team/player performances

My purpose here is to engage in and create content on a variety of personal interests of mine. One of my personal challenges is improving my ability to express myself, and to to bring some of my inner creativity to the outside world. As I undertake this personal journey, I also hope to promote the Motley Experience as a platform for people to share thoughts, opinions, and interesting


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