Introducing New Series – Another Day, Another Dollar

Perusing deal sites is one of my hobbies

There’s an active community of like-minded cheapasses to help you along, and you become aware of new products and services. Even as a kid, I was a bargain hunter, and the older, experienced me has now turned this into a skill/game. Because of that, I have a good sense of when to buy something, where to buy it, and how to distinguish a fake deal vs the real deal. This makes me a good shopping companion if you’re trying to curb unnecessary spending, though I’ll  probably guess too low if I’m ever on the Price is Right.

another day another dollar

As an economics major, you are taught to see the world through the lenses of scarcity: how to quantify and identify the best value within the constraints of limited resources. I was practically born with these lenses, making econ a good choice of major, and if there was ever any doubt, my experiences since have basically been lasik surgery. Growing up in a first immigration family, I moved to the states when I was 3, and have lived through all the phases from poverty to middle-class prosperity. Life has been a natural education on how to be smart with money, and this has had a profound effect on the person I am today.

While financial stability is an important component of a stable life, it shouldn’t just be locked away until your 65 either. We need to spend a little to enjoy ourselves, and there are definitely ways to maximize the impact of our hard earned dollars. In my new upcoming series, “Another Day, Another Dollar,” I’ll pass along some of my learnings, while dropping the sound financial advice on occasion. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, or even someone more well-off, I hope that this series can help you save money, buy more things, and spend responsibly.





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