Playa Billz



Playa Billz is the first comedy short film to be released by ATM Productions, an offshoot of The Motley Experience.

In this “documentary”, we take a look at the life of the self proclaimed “up and coming hip hop star”, Playa Billz.

With him is his sidekick/manager Mike Chang and friend Larry, “but mostly Mike”.

Does the young Playa Billz live up to the hype he himself has created with Mike?

This short will have you laughing with, and at, PB and his friends.


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2016-04-14 11.07.40

Author: Aristidis Marousas

My goal is to create and share stories, fictional and nonfictional, that will entertain, educate, and inspire those who find it. Why? I believe this world is so large and that it is incredibly important for each of us to open ourselves up to it. We no longer have an excuse to remain inside of our little bubbles. While there is pain, suffering, and heartbreak, there is also incredible beauty to be found across the globe. I’d like to do my own small part in exposing us all to as many stories of humanity as I can. I truly believe that by doing so, we will all be better for it. My goal is to help you better "Experience Your World".

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