The Motley Experience WRSU Podcast 3 4 14

The Motley Experience is back on 88.7 WRSU FM New Brunswick!

Check it out every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm from now until May.

For live streaming, visit and click “Listen Live”!

In case you miss the live show, you can listen to the recording right here on WordPress!


The Motley Experience on Rutgers Radio, WRSU FM New Brunswick

Economics, Politics, Current Events, Book Reviews, Music, and much more!


US President Barack Obama has warned that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu must make “tough decisions” to advance peace talks with the Palestinians, US urges North Korean Restraint in Missile Firing, Featured World News Story: Crisis in Ukraine, Book of the Week, 1 Million Flights Affected By Winter Weather, Free Checking Disappearing at Big Banks, Global Markets Hurt by Events in Ukraine, US Manufacturing Picks Up, Warren Buffett weighs in on the minimum wage, Vets Bill Fails in the Senate, Clinton and Christie tied in Virginia

Songs Played:

Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons, Prayin by Plan B, Below My Feet by Mumford & Sons,  Radioactive by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix, She by Suede

Listen in to the podcast for The Motley Experience 3 4 14!

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