The Motley Experience WRSU Podcast for 2 11 14

The Motley Experience is back on 88.7 WRSU FM New Brunswick!

Check it out every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm from now until May.

For live streaming, visit and click “Listen Live”!

In case you miss the live show, you can listen to the recording right here on WordPress!


The Motley Experience on Rutgers Radio, WRSU FM New Brunswick

Economics, Politics, Current Events, Book Reviews, Music, and much more!


Marius the Giraffe, Massive Flooding in England, Cease Fire in Syrian City, Iran agrees to more steps to ease concerns over nuclear programme, Book of the Week,  Miller to launch new Fortune brand, Unilever losing fight against butter, Japan creates new stock index to encourage investment, JP Morgan Settlement with Department of Justice Deemed Unlawful, Bitcoin value drops sharply, How Bitcoins Work, Cyprus to Open Fresh Peace Talks, No Tax Breaks for Boats, Obama delays part of new health reform implementation, NY Mayor targets income gap threat, Committee Plans to Expand Probe on Christie Administration Bridge Incident

Songs Played:

Controller by Howl, Freedom at 21 by Jack White, Runnin by David Dallas, Fools Rush In by Frank Sinatra, Icarus by Bastille, Selene by Imagine Dragons

Listen in to the podcast for The Motley Experience 2 11 14!

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