How Should WWE Developmental Really Be Changed?

Anyone who reads the “dirt sheets” knows that WWE has been and will be making changes to its developmental system. For starters, they are creating a “finishing school” in Connecticut nearby their headquarters.

There will also be changes regarding NXT. “WWE will begin filming NXT episodes at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, reports, and the talent roster will be made up of Developmental wrestlers. Tapings are scheduled to be bi-weekly at the Full Sail Live Venue” (PWTorch). It seems this new strategy is based somewhat off of the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. There are benefits for doing this; wrestlers performing in front of basically the same crowd of people week after week are forced to learn new “tricks” and up their game. The college crowd should also give reasonably good reactions (pops, heat, etc) to the wrestlers. Using the apparently “state of the art” facilities that Full Sail University has can help train new production crew members. A question I have, though, is whether or not this will be replacing FCW tapings. It appears NXT will use FCW roster members, so is it instead of or in addition to?

Any change done to the current developmental system is for the better. Triple H stated that he wanted to overhaul the system and we are certainly seeing the beginning stages of this. However, I feel there may be a different route the WWE should pursue for developmental.

There would be two teams. An A team would be the members who are almost ready to move up to the main rosters, and the B team which is those who have just been signed.

The B team would stay in the current FCW facilities to train and perform in front of smaller crowds (assuming Full Sail provides a much larger crowd).

My original idea for the A team would be to have them travel around Florida and maybe neighboring stated, creating a developmental territory in the Florida area. This way they would get used to constant travel, performing in front of different crowds, etc. The tapings for the A team would be at Full Sail (now that I know that is what WWE has planned to do), and the A team would perform at house shows would be across the territory.

Basically, the A team roster would be similar to ROH in size and operations.

The B team would be where characters for wrestlers are created, played around with, and changed to see what the wrestlers are capable of. The A team would be where the wresters make final tweaks to whatever character they have been given. This way they go on to the main roster with a full fledged character that some members of the WWE Universe will already be familiar with from A team tapings, NXT, and house shows.

This would help weed out green wrestlers (Aksana, Mason Ryan, etc, etc) who would not be able to make it to the main roster before making it to the A team.

Besides the singles division benefiting, the tag team division could benefit also. Once wrestlers make it through the B team and make their way onto the A team, trainers and management in charge of developmental can decide what tag teams can be created. Then they can work on the tag team throughout the duration of their stay on the A team. Once they debut on the main WWE roster, the WWE can show clips of their matches from when they were back in developmental on the A team. They will have to bring back tag teams that debut as such and stay together for at least a year, hopefully more. Bringing back true tag teams that have chemistry and know each other.

To ensure that the Universe is aware of up and comers on the A team, the WWE can have short clips of tapings of NXT, and wherever else the A team will be present. With the creation of the WWE Network, the WWE can create a sort of show where the hosts of the show (RAW and SMACKDOWN announcers, injured wrestlers, legends, etc) discuss and analyze the happenings of the past week in WWE. They would take a look at RAW, SMACKDOWN, individual wrestlers, feuds, Power 25, and developmental wrestlers and matches (from the A team). This would all be to build more awareness so people will look forward to see their favorite developmental wrestlers make it to the WWE. It would also add sentimental value for the Universe as they watch the growth and progress of wrestlers from “the beginning”.

Will WWE do this? Probably not. But they (hopefully) know better than me about these things and can institute a better developmental territory than we currently have so we may witness the biggest stars pro wrestling has ever had.

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