In Lieu of the Preemption of the Radio show…

Apparently my show has been preempted today… It sucks because I had a lot of articles ready to discuss that I took some time finding.

So, in an effort to ensure it isn’t a complete and total waste, I’ll post the articles below.

This way, you may read the ones you find most interesting and read them at your own leisure.

Please make sure to comment below so that we may have some sort of discussion on the topics.

The Motley Experience LIVE


  • Romney wins Illinois primary


  • Home Sales Dip, But Best February in 5 Years
  • European Crisis Not Over, Bernanke Says
  • Osborne cuts UK corporate tax, top personal rate
  • French Gunman wanted to kill more
  • Italy’s biggest union to strike over job reform plans
  • US exempts Japan and EU nations from Iran oil sanctions
  • Obama to visit demilitarized zone on Korea’s border
  • Daily aspirin prevents and possibly teats cancer

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