News Update

Some  more quick peeks at what is going on around the world!

  • Federal Reserve officials are considering a new type of bond buying program designed to subdue worries about future inflation if they decide to take new steps to boost the economy in the months ahead.
  • Consumer borrowing rose at an 8.6% annual rate in January, sustaining a trend that began late last year… So people are obviously borrowing, but are they paying back?
  • Apple unveiled the latest iPad, which features a sharper image display and faster communications
  • The Justice Department has warned Apple and five big US publishers that it plans to sue them for allegedly colluding to raise e-book prices

  • A solar storm is racing towards Earth, threatening to disrupt flights, utility grids, satellite networks and GPS
  • Scientists are studying an AIDS-prevention method in which healthy people take HIV drugs to thwart infection
  • A tumor’s genetic makeup can vary significantly within the same sample, a study said, posing challenges to personalized cancer treatment
  • China would mount a cyberattack on the US in the event of a conflict and the US has no clear policy on how to respond, a panel warns
  • Hamas won’t join a war on the side of Iran should Israel launch a strike against nuclear targets there, one of its top officials says
  • Romney’s delegate count poses a challenge to rivals. The GOP candidate, who won six of ten states on Super Tuesday, expanded his delegate lead in ways that could be hard to bridge. Romney now has 415 delegates, according to an AP tally, far more than his three rivals combined. But Romney’s opponents dispute his lead is insurmountable, saying that just over a third of delegates have been distributed.


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