Let’s Go Cena! er, hold on…

Haven’t posted an article in quite some time, but I have found a few minutes to write something that has been bugging me for a bit.

So all professional wrestling fans, whether hardcore or occasional viewer, is anticipating the upcoming battle between The Rock and John Cena.

Most of the hardcore, or Internet Wrestling Community Fans, are cheering for The Rock. I must admit, I do consider myself a very passionate fan and a member of the IWC. However, I shall also admit that I disagree with a lot of what the IWC  has in mind for professional wrestling. I find much of what they say to be stupid, ignorant, impractical, not business savvy in the least, and markish.

The latest of which would have to be how “Cena Sucks”. I shall admit that, while in the audience at Survivor Series in MSG, I was among the multitude of fans who were chanting “Cena Sucks”, “Don’t Tag Cena”, etc. I did this because it was fun. It is easy to be swept away with the crowd, especially when it is the majority. I have nothing against the anti-Cena chants, because it adds to the entertainment and atmosphere. What I do have something against is the anti-Cena sentiment I am constantly barraged with while visiting wrestling sites, watching wrestling videos, etc, etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, granted. I just don’t understand where the common sense is with most of these fans.

I have grown complacent with Cena’s in ring ability; a complacency which is usually the number one argument for Cena-haters. His move-set is very watered down, I’ll agree. It does not mean he is untalented. Randy Orton is excellent in the ring, yet for the past several months his move-set has also been cut to mostly signatures/finishers. It comes with the territory of being a main-eventer in the WWE. Do I disagree with this? Absolutely. Does it make me hate Cena? Absolutely not. Every time I discuss the topic of Cena’s talent to someone, I say the same thing: “Just watch his debut with Angle”. The guy can go when he has to, that is a proven fact. Is he the best in ring technician to step foot in a WWE ring? Simply, no. But he would not be able to stay the number one guy for all these years unless he was pretty damn good.

On to Cena vs Rock. From when we first heard about the confrontation about a year ago, I have been pro-Rock. I feel so lucky to have been able to see him perform live at MSG for Survivor Series. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. Lately, however, after seeing Cena put in different situations with Punk, and my favorite so far, with Kane and Ryder, I have begun to have a new appreciation for the guy. I have always held Cena in high regard, always respected him. He’s earned my respect, not that it means much to him or the WWE in the grand scheme of things I suppose, through his hard work for the company. By carrying the WWE on his shoulders after the other top guys left, and seeing it rise to new heights, he has indirectly helped professional wrestling as a whole. Indirectly because he did it through the WWE. With the WWE’s growing positive reputation and popularity, so has grown the popularity of professional wrestling as a whole.

On a more humorous note, I recently ordered some tshirts that were on clearance from WWEShop. One of them happened to be a Rock tshirt. When I received the order, all of my shirts were there and accounted for except for one. Instead of  The Rock’s tshirt I received a “RISE ABOVE HATE” Cena shirt instead. The humor was not lost on me, or my friend Eric, or even the sales representative whom I called to address the error. After some very friendly service I was given a Limited Edition Rock tshirt for free, and I could keep the Cena shirt. The rep probably thought I’d burn it in effigy, or throw it or give it away. Instead, I am perfectly happy to keep both the Cena and Rock tshirts.

It was at this point that my pro-Rock feelings began to change to pro-Cena feelings. In the end, it doesn’t matter who wins. I just want a good match, especially since it has been so heavily anticipated. But I do feel as though Cena deserves to win. Not that The Rock doesn’t.  This is because of the hard work Cena has put into the company for so long. In terms of booking, Cena is the more probable choice to go over as he will stay with the company. The only way I can see Cena losing is if they plan to book a second match at Summerslam (a wonderful idea in my opinion).

The way I seem ‘Mania going down is as follows: After a hard fought battle, Cena wins. Rock and Cena shake hands as Cena has now earned The Rock’s respect. Somewhere down the line we see Rock challenge Cena for one more match, or maybe someone else suggests this during a promo to which both Cena and Rock agree. Then we get Cena vs Rock 2 at Summerslam. Unless they plan for a third match, which I doubt. Cena will probably win again. The IWC hates this idea. I think it is both the most practical and probable, from a booking and business aspect.

I greatly respect both Cena and The Rock. I just feel Cena deserves more respect from the IWC. Either way, it doesn’t truly matter in the end, to me at least. I just hope for a great contest between two future Hall of Famers.

Take Care

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