Newsworthy – Oct 12th, 2018

The expensive cost of childbirth in the US, the beginning of an era of middle-class majority, and the resurrection of an extinct breed of pigeon.

Here are the top newsworthy items from this past week as shared on our Facebook page.

  • The U.S. is the most expensive country in the world to give birth, but most hospitals won’t tell patients how much delivery and care costs until after the baby is born. The average sticker price for childbirth in the U.S. is $32,093.

From Axios

  • The nations of the Five Eyes alliance—Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.—have been exchanging classified information on China’s foreign activities with other like-minded countries such as Germany and Japan since the start of the year.

From The Wall Street Journal

  • U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke approved a 20-year ban on new mining claims in the towering mountains north of Yellowstone National Park on Monday, after two proposed gold mines raised concerns that an area drawing tourists from the around the globe could be spoiled.

From AP

  • Dramatic changes in how citizens get energy, how industries make everyday products and how cities are designed would be needed to prevent catastrophic climate change, a new report from a United Nations-led scientific panel warns.

From The Wall Street Journal

  • September 2018 marks a global tipping point. For the first time since agriculture-based civilization began 10,000 years ago, just over 50% of humankind is no longer poor or vulnerable to falling into poverty. This marks the start of a new era of a middle-class majority.

From Axios

  • Thirteen pigeons in Australia are the first in history to contain the Cas9 gene, an essential component of the Crispr editing tool. The squabs of this flock will be born with the Cas9 gene in every one of their cells, allowing scientists to edit their offspring with DNA from the extinct passenger pigeon, the first live animals edited with traits from a species that no longer exists.

From The Wall Street Journal


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