Book Review: SIGMA Force Series

The SIGMA Force series is written by James Rollins and is a personal favorite of mine.

Rollins uses a mixture of real science, historical facts, and fiction to create an interesting, often times thought provoking, and exciting ride in each one of the books.

This fictional series is full of action and adventure, science and mystery.

Besides the actual storytelling, one aspect of these books that I really enjoy is how at the end of every novel, Rollins separates fact from fiction.

It is amazing (and sometimes even a little scary) at how much of the technology and science used throughout the books are actually real.

Rollins even goes so far as to point his readers to the books he used as sources for more information on specific topics.



About the books:

The SIGMA Force is a fictional division of the U. S. DARPA program. The chief operatives in SIGMA combine highly trained military skills with specialist scientific knowledge. The Force’s purpose is to investigate and to secure sensitive information that could be a threat to the United States. It is a combination of Counter-terrorism, research, and covert operations.

The books are meant to be read in chronological order


Published books so far (in order):

Sandstorm, Map of Bones, Black Order, Judas Strain, The Last Oracle, Doomsday Key, Devil Colony, Bloodline, Eye of God, and The Sixth Extinction (to be released in the fall of 2014)



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