Instead of Defunding ObamaCare, Make It Affordable

Some conservative Republicans are still dreaming about defunding or repealing ObamaCare, which is the law of the land, whether we like it or not. Speaker Boehner and other Republicans have moved away from the idea of defunding, which could result in a government shutdown, but the most-conservative Republicans still believe in defunding.

Instead of defunding ObamaCare, they should work with President Obama to make it better reform and better for the economy, because most Americans still want health care reform. While many are only interested in universal coverage, many, if not most, want health care costs to decline. We must accomplish both!

There’s plenty of room for compromise, and it’s wrong for the Administration to keep delaying implementation of the law. Market reforms, not simple mandates, are the key to lowering costs, while maintaining choice and quality health care.

For example, why not encourage the creation of nonprofit hospitals, insurers, and diagnostics?


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