Stop Racial Profiling, Not ‘Stop and Frisk’

Rudy Giuliani started ‘stop and frisk’, dramatically reducing crime in New York City, and reduction in the crime rate has continued under Mayor Bloomberg.

A federal judge recently declared the law is unconstitutional, because it unfairly profiles racial minorities.

Blacks and Hispanics have been overwhelmingly stopped, and often searched, maybe for good reason, but not always for good reason.

Racial profiling isn’t necessary, because the police are protecting all of us, and can stop anyone and interrogate us, if necessary, to help stop, prevent, or solve a crime.

Understandably, people get annoyed, even alarmed, when they’re stopped by the police, but law enforcement must be respected, because they’re only doing their job in keeping us safe.

Now, there may be some bad cops out there who intentionally exploit the law by harassing people. That needs to be investigated and dealt with by punishing those cops and making any essential reforms to make the law fairer.

The point is, however, ‘stop and frisk’ has dramatically reduced crime in the Big Apple and has improved the quality of life. Stop racial profiling, not ‘stop and frisk’, because it helps fight crime, terrorism, and gun violence!

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