Guest-Worker Program Would Stem Illegal Immigration

America was founded by immigrants and continues to grow because of them. Illegal immigration, however, has proven to be a major political/economic issue.


Immigration reform is important, but the priority should be to get our economic and fiscal house in order, because we need a strong economy with lots of jobs for all of us! America must remain the Land of Opportunity, that’s the whole point!

Illegal immigration has slowed because of the economic crisis, but it will increase at some point. Border security is necessary for national security, but it’s not a panacea with respect to illegal immigration, because we won’t close the border and stop commerce and tourism, or turn America into a police state and deport all illegal aliens. Some illegal immigrants also come by plane, underground tunnels, maybe, even by boat. They will keep on trying until they succeed in entering the country.

It would be wiser to create a generous guest-worker program that would allow many more immigrants to come and work here legally, stemming the tide of illegal immigration even in good economic times! The first to participate should be the undocumented workers and their families who are already here. Citizenship is a personal choice, but legalization should not be so difficult and dangerous as in the past!

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