Moscow, It’s Time for Change in Syria!

Syrian Rebels. Russia may be capable of pressuring the Syrian government into stepping down, allowing for a chance for a democratic Syria

Neither Assad nor the rebels want peace talks, so there’s no point for the international community to hold them. While Assad’s dynasty must come to a close, I’m not thrilled about the Al Qaeda-backed rebels either.

The sooner Moscow pressures Assad to step down and allow free and fair elections in Syria, the sooner the bloodshed and refugee crisis will cease, but, then, there will be a power struggle among Sunni and Shi’ite extremists. Leaving Assad in power will only exacerbate the sectarian violence.

Moscow must pressure Assad to resign and, if necessary, to have him go to Russia with his family and weapons of mass destruction, so they don’t fall into the hands of terrorists!

Post-Assad, the international community ought to consistently offer Syrians assistance and opportunities to join in international organizations to further broaden economic, political, and social progress in Syria. The international community must repeatedly stress the importance of protecting basic human, women’s, and minority rights, regardless of religion or culture.

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