Stuff Explained Ep26: Coronavirus

The coronavirus has become the latest global pandemic. With all the strong government responses and media frenzy, concern and fear have been stoked across the world.

But what is the coronavirus? This episode of Stuff Explained gives you everything you need to know about the virus.

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The Perils of Lyme Disease

The potential damages caused by Lyme Disease are more far-reaching than most of us have been taught.

Growing up we were taught to be especially careful when outdoors in high-grass areas because of the threat of ticks. Specifically, we were warned to the possibility that a tick could give us Lyme Disease. We could expect aches and pains and the tell-tale target looking rash. After a few weeks of medication, things would go back to normal. While all of this is true, it is only partially true. We were undersold on how difficult detection of Lyme Disease could be and how extensive the damage to our bodies would be if left undetected and not properly treated.

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