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Newsworthy – April 11th, 2020

Psychedelic mushrooms can be beneficial to emotional health, baking has become a favorite quarantine activity, Texas is suspending abortions due to coronavirus, Ireland’s Prime Minister is working medical shifts. These, and more, are the newsworthy stories from this past week.

Make Social Media Your Vision Board

We spend a huge amount of our time scrolling through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat can take up hours of our time before we even realize it. This article isn’t to discuss the pros and cons of social media, or to delve… Continue Reading “Make Social Media Your Vision Board”

The “Mindful Eating” Diet

A major pillar of wellness is the health of our body. Besides rest and exercise, eating is a major factor of physical wellbeing. Eating well helps us sleep, think, and act better on a daily basis. Our diets, therefore, ultimately impact our emotional, mental,… Continue Reading “The “Mindful Eating” Diet”