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Memorandum for Proposed Action to Revitalize the US Economy

Problem Statement  The United States economy has shown positive growth since the Great Recession. Despite the positive overall trends, the economy is still sluggish. The fact remains that unemployment is still plaguing middle and lower class demographics and is leading to weaker-than-preferable economic activity… Continue Reading “Memorandum for Proposed Action to Revitalize the US Economy”

What is ‘Fracking’

I read a article on ‘fracking’ in the US. More specifically, this article discusses a new $20 billion project to open an export terminal in Louisiana where extracted natural gas will be shipped abroad. To give a brief overview, when the terminal was… Continue Reading “What is ‘Fracking’”

Minoan Caldera: An Essay on the Santorini Volcano

Introduction The Mediterranean region has always been known as a “hot spot” for volcanic and tectonic activity. Italy and Greece, especially, have centuries of detailed histories of eruptions and earthquakes. Most of the truly dramatic events occurred thousands of years ago. The effects of… Continue Reading “Minoan Caldera: An Essay on the Santorini Volcano”

Growing Tensions with China

While perusing the Financial Times over the past few days, I have come across several articles concerning rising issues with China. The most common theme among these articles was the growing amount of cyber theft that US officials have traced back to China. Other… Continue Reading “Growing Tensions with China”