SMACKTalk S2 Episode 4!

Eric from The Fanboy Next Door has returned after short, two week hiatus.

This episode we discuss:



Road to Wrestlemania

Behind the Curtain

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News Update

Some  more quick peeks at what is going on around the world!

  • Federal Reserve officials are considering a new type of bond buying program designed to subdue worries about future inflation if they decide to take new steps to boost the economy in the months ahead.
  • Consumer borrowing rose at an 8.6% annual rate in January, sustaining a trend that began late last year… So people are obviously borrowing, but are they paying back?
  • Apple unveiled the latest iPad, which features a sharper image display and faster communications
  • The Justice Department has warned Apple and five big US publishers that it plans to sue them for allegedly colluding to raise e-book prices

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***Note on “The Reality Behind Girls and ‘Nice Guys’”***

I did not realize how controversial and debated my last article, “The Reality Behind Girls and ‘Nice Guys’“, would be.

As such, I feel it is appropriate to write this post to try to explain what I meant as I was writing the last article.

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Episode 3 of SMACKTalk!

Episode 3 of SMACKTalk is now up on YouTube!

This quick episode includes a RAW Recap and discussion on Road to WrestleMania!

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The Reality Behind Girls and ‘Nice Guys’

The following post concerns a topic that has been highly contested among girls and boys, men and women for quite some time. I will be discussing what I feel to be the truth about the relationship (or lack there-of) between girls and the ‘nice guys’ that never quite seem to get the upper hand.

For starters, let’s just go over what the issue is. The basic sentiment is that girls never pick the nice guys, but instead go for the assholes (if you’d excuse my language). Then the girls go on to complain about how they can’t find a good guy to take care of them. Guys, upon hearing this, become upset because they know they’re good guys but usually end up ‘friend-zoned’ with no way of escape. Because of this, girls are stupid for creating assholes out of the good guys who are just looking for a way to compete and get the girl of their dreams. I believe that about sums it up.

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News Update

Here’s another quick look at some of the big stories going on around the world…

  • The European Central Bank gave $700 billion in cheap, three year loans to 800 lenders, the central bank’s latest effort to arrest the financial crisis.
  • The GM/Peugeot Citroen European alliance is a change for the French auto maker’s founding family which will see holdings diluted.
  • Copper prices are rising even as warehouses in China, a big consumer of the metal, are filling with it.

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SMACKTalk Season 2 Episode 2!

Ari hosts this one on his own as Eric was busy with school work!

Topics Include:
Wade Barrett injury
Chris Brown & CM Punk controversy
RAW Recap
Smackdown Recap
Wrestlemania 28 and more!

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The following was an email sent out to Rutgers University students. It discusses Governor Chris Christie’s proposal for a new state budget, in terms of higher education:


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie yesterday proposed a $32.1 billion
state budget for Fiscal Year 2012-13 that includes a welcome increase in
higher education funding, particularly in financial aid programs for New
Jersey students.

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Reading through the WSJ, CNN, BBC, etc. and found some very interesting articles that I thought I’d pass along:

  • Prime Minister Cameron will urge Scots to fight against independence to keep the U.K. together. He stresses the importance to do so during these tough economic times.
  • Joseph Kennedy III said he is running for the congressional seat now held by retiring Rep. Barney Frank. Could we someday see another Kennedy as President?
  • Investors’ belief that the worst is over for the US housing market is fueling interest in once-toxic mortgage bonds… Really? Does no one learn from history and past mistakes? If not, we are doomed to failure…
  • Kellogg will be buying Pringles for $2.7 billion, looking to expand in snacks and grow overseas.
  • GM is freezing the pay of its 26,000 US salaried employees and will drop traditional pension contributions for those who still receive them. Wait… I thought they were on the road to recovery (pun intended, see what I did there?)?
  • The US and Afghanistan have begun secret three-way talks with the Taliban. The Afghan president, Karzai, said he believes most Taliban are “definitively” interested in a peace settlement.
  • Iran now appears capable of producing an entire cycle of nuclear fuel rods to be used to power plants. Israel and Western countries fear the advances bring Tehran closer to the ability to manufacture a nuclear weapon.
  • Rising oil prices threaten to stall the US economic recovery just as it appears to be gaining momentum.
  • A top euro-zone official expressed optimism that an accord with Greece could be wrapped up soon, potentially clearing the way for a new bailout and debt restructuring. Meanwhile, civil unrest in the country continues…


These are just some of the current headlines around the world. For a weekly update, tune in live on Wednesdays from 4PM to 5PM on for The Motley Experience Radio Show.

Please feel free to comment and start a discussion on the news topics posted, or on other news not posted.

Let’s Go Cena! er, hold on…

Haven’t posted an article in quite some time, but I have found a few minutes to write something that has been bugging me for a bit.

So all professional wrestling fans, whether hardcore or occasional viewer, is anticipating the upcoming battle between The Rock and John Cena.

Most of the hardcore, or Internet Wrestling Community Fans, are cheering for The Rock. I must admit, I do consider myself a very passionate fan and a member of the IWC. However, I shall also admit that I disagree with a lot of what the IWC  has in mind for professional wrestling. I find much of what they say to be stupid, ignorant, impractical, not business savvy in the least, and markish.

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