#RoadTripProblems is a short comedy created by ATM Productions, an offshoot of The ME.

This film portrays what goes on during a long solo road trip.

The main character starts out the trip excited and optimistic about the journey ahead. During the course of the passing hours, however, he begins to loose his enthusiasm. He then goes on to experience boredom, possible insanity, and eventually becomes resigned to his fate.

This is an especially appropriate short film to watch after this past Memorial Day weekend, where many of us traveled to enjoy the holiday.




  • Nice video man. As someone whose been on a few road trips myself, here’s how it usually plays out for me:

    Sample 6 hour drive

    Hour 1:
    “Onward to ______!”
    “Got my playlist on, my shades on, I wonder where all these other cars are going?”
    “I think I have to pee”

    Hour 2:
    “I’m getting sleepy”
    “New playlist”
    “What do you mean there’s heavy traffic?”
    “HOUR DELAY???”
    “I hate Google Maps, why did it pick this road? WHY DOES IT SAY 6 HOURS WHEN THERE’S CLEARLY TRAFFIC ON THE WAY THAT WOULD MAKE IT 7.. why do I even use this app? Oh right, cuz I”m useless with directions. Why am I useless..”
    “You can’t merge like that you dick”
    “Hey buddy, I’m gonna be a little late, there’s like 2 hours of delays on the road”
    “I hate living in this state. It’s always like this. Too many people. It’s expensive. Back in the Midwest you usually don’t see..”
    “I wonder what it’s like to fly. So many hours of our lives are wasted on the road”

    Hour 3:
    “The new Mazda 3 looks pretty nice. Or maybe I should lease for something nicer? Life’s too short to be driving boring cars right? Well, my future self in the 30s and 40s might not like it if I splurge all my cash on cars now”
    “A Hummer? Who still drives Hummers?”
    “I’m so sick of listening to music. Let’s put on a podcast. Not this, not that.. not this either.. I’ll pick one of these 3..”

    Hour 4:
    “Why do I have a boner? Wish I could pull over and..”
    “Why am I forever single? These trips would be a lot less lonely if I had some company. Actually, it’s not so bad, I can focus on this podcast and be lost in my own thoughts”
    “What else should I be doing with my life right now”
    “My boner’s gone, but now I have to pee”

    Hour 5:

    Hour 6:
    “Gonna change my podcast”
    “I’m flying next time”

    Hour 7:
    “That wasn’t so bad was it? Now I get to enjoy the next few days before I take the trip down”

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