Month: August 2013

Minimum Wage Should Be Higher, But…

The minimum wage ought to be higher, but not under current antibusiness antilabor conditions! Advertisements

Stop Racial Profiling, Not ‘Stop and Frisk’

Rudy Giuliani started ‘stop and frisk’, dramatically reducing crime in New York City, and reduction in the crime rate has continued under Mayor Bloomberg. A federal judge recently declared the law is unconstitutional, because it unfairly profiles racial minorities.

Egyptians Need Stability and Representation

Egypt is on the brink of civil war and the military must move quickly to establish national reconciliation among all Egyptians. Mohamed Morsi was democratically-elected as president by a majority of the people, and must be allowed to go free to begin the process…

Simplify “Grand Bargain” to Pass Quickly

President Obama should link corporate tax cuts to eliminating tax loopholes only, not other spending initiatives. His spending ideas are well-intended, but they should be debated separately.