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Farm Bill: Focus on Lower Food Prices, Not Food Stamps!

Interesting statistics on ethanol creation. Beyond the information on how bushels of corn can be used, this also begins to paint a picture of how reliant society has become on this type of fuel (which is mostly mixed with fossil fuel).

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Guest-Worker Program Would Stem Illegal Immigration

America was founded by immigrants and continues to grow because of them. Illegal immigration, however, has proven to be a major political/economic issue.


Immigration reform is important, but the priority should be to get our economic and fiscal house in order, because we need a strong economy with lots of jobs for all of us! America must remain the Land of Opportunity, that’s the whole point!

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Moscow, It’s Time for Change in Syria!

Syrian Rebels. Russia may be capable of pressuring the Syrian government into stepping down, allowing for a chance for a democratic Syria

Neither Assad nor the rebels want peace talks, so there’s no point for the international community to hold them. While Assad’s dynasty must come to a close, I’m not thrilled about the Al Qaeda-backed rebels either.

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Minoan Caldera: An Essay on the Santorini Volcano


The Mediterranean region has always been known as a “hot spot” for volcanic and tectonic activity. Italy and Greece, especially, have centuries of detailed histories of eruptions and earthquakes. Most of the truly dramatic events occurred thousands of years ago. The effects of the devastating natural events can still be seen today. One such example is the Minoan Caldera, more commonly referred to as the Santorini Volcano located on the island of Santorini in Greece (36.4200° N, 25.4317° E).

At the present, Santorini is a very popular tourist destination among the Greek islands. It is frequented by tourists wanting to experience Greek culture as well as the breathtaking beauty of the island chain’s landscapes. These beautiful landscapes were created through violent volcanic activity. The most famous volcanic activity to occur also happens to be one of the largest known volcanic eruptions in the past few millennia. It was this eruption that caused this shield volcano to collapse forming the caldera we see today. Santorini lies in an area where a northward subduction of the African plate with the European plate is occurring. This subduction is what causes the area to be so geologically unstable

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The Economy: A Mixed Picture

Most major corporations are making record profits with fewer employees, but they’re facing higher costs, like the rest of us. Housing, banking, and the auto sectors are improving, but the economy is still struggling with many problems: high unemployment; massive deficits; high food and gasoline prices; European and global debt crisis; and emerging markets are in a slowdown, too.

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Growing Tensions with China

While perusing the Financial Times over the past few days, I have come across several articles concerning rising issues with China. The most common theme among these articles was the growing amount of cyber theft that US officials have traced back to China. Other articles detail growing tensions between China and the US, as well as China and the EU.

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